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Malx Media Player 3.2

Malx Media Player is a simple mp3 audio player for Windows
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Malx Media Player is a simple mp3 audio player for Windows. The authors changed the name of this program from the version 3.2.3, which is the last available version. Malx Media Player is able to play single .MP3 files or playlists (.M3U or .MSC). Once you close or minimize the program, it will stay as an icon in your system tray. You can open it at any time by double-clicking on that icon. Or you can access the program's features by right-clicking on it.

The program just plays the files. There are no fancy features like visualizations, lyrics or covers. You can start playing a single file by double clicking on it or pressing enter. The ESC key will stop the playback. You can navigate through the themes, change the volume or sort songs in different ways. You can also drag songs one by one to set the order in which you want them to be played, or find a given song by searching for a string. You can also save a playlist (in .M3U format) from the files you have listed in Malx Media Player, which can be then opened with any compatible player.

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